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After many years of « not so fun coding » it’s time to begin a new game development phase. My oldest child « Célian » is now eight years old, precisely the same age i had when i start coding a (few) years ago.

We decided to begin his formation by a simple game, on a really simple platform, we choose « Adafruit’s PyGamer » for many reasons :

  • Low power, low memory so it’s perfect for a good formation
  • Can be coded with « Make Code » under a GUI
  • Can be coded with python
  • Can be coded in C/C++

After a few hours it became really clear that this PyGamer was a fantastic platform and i have to confess I LOVE IT !

So after a few days of coding we start to create a simple prototyping game called « Lost Island » , it’s a 2D platform game with some RPG and mining aspects (like Terraria).

It’s mainly coded in C++ and C with a great challenge : 30 FPS !
I added more challenges :

  • MOD/S3M musics
  • 16 bit colors
  • Realtime lighting
  • Water simulation with terrain interaction
  • Terrain generation (noise and other fun things)
  • EXTREME gameplay fun with a « almost perfect » player controller

All challenges are achieved and we can now show the result.

Main character sprites are from « rvros » ( https://rvros.itch.io/ )

Tiles are from itch.io (i will post credits when i find them)

First steps in « Lost Island »
A view of caverns and dynamic lighting

Some videos of last changes

New animation system and improved player controller

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